Enhance your safety network with the G10 Gateway. Featuring advanced technology, this unit connects multiple detectors for comprehensive protection in homes and businesses. As a trusted European brand, the G10 Gateway ensures seamless communication between your safety devices. Its sleek design integrates effortlessly into any environment. Easy to install and maintain, the G10 Gateway is a vital addition to your fire prevention system.

Modern and streamlined design

Free SAVS® app

Connects to 2.4 GHz

Visual and audible alarm

Connects to Ethernet

Support OTA software upgrades

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Product specifications


L78 mm × W78 mm × H23 mm

Power Source


Wireless Linkable Devices

50 pieces

Connects to Internet

2.4 GHz


Ethernet port







What's included?

1 x G10 Wireless Gateway

1 x User Manual (NL-EN-FR-DU)

1 x Mounting Material

1x 230v Plug + Powercord


More information?

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the brand

A proud Dutch company that delivers top notch fire equipment and many more.

A standard 

3-year warranty

We trust our products. Thats why we provide 3 years warranty on all SAVS fire prevention products, ensuring quality and reliability.

The G10 Wireless Gateway comes with a standard 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind for years to come. Elevate your safety measures with this top-of-the-line product. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial settings, it is your go-to solution for reliable fire protection. Place your order today and be prepared for any fire emergency.