About the SAVS® story

At SAVS, we understand how important safety is. That’s why we started our mission: to sell high-quality fire prevention products at fair prices throughout Europe.

Our brand name, SAVS, is a promise in itself and at once our mission: “Saves Lives.” Our goal is not only to sell fire prevention products, but also to contribute to the safety of people and their loved ones.

At SAVS, we are proud of what we do. Every day we work hard to provide the best products and the best service possible. We are more than just a brand – we are a community committed to safety.

About our team

The SAVS® team is a group of passionate professionals, all dedicated to creating reliable and affordable fire prevention products. Our team combines expertise in engineering, design, customer service and logistics to meet our customers’ needs and protect lives. Together, we work every day on our mission to make Europe safer.

About our corporate responsibility

Safety is at the core of our mission, and this extends to the broader community and the way we do business with SAVS.

We are committed to sustainable business practices. Our products are developed and manufactured with respect for the environment promote energy-efficient production methods and reducing waste.

Our goal is not only to provide life-saving products, but also to give people the knowledge they need to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

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Fast delivery

Every delivery will start from our European warehouse.

We keep our promises

At least we always try very hard to do what we say.

Talk to an expert

We know what we do. Please contact us at info@savs.me

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